30 maj 2013

Lovely Debs

Debs har haft praktik 6 månader i bageriet, riktigt rolig engelsk tjej som varit full av entusiasm, babbel och fart. Tack för all entusiasm och glädje du spridit under denna tid ! och vi ser fram emot att du jobbar med oss hela sommaren....
Här följer en reflektion från hennes tid i bageriet:

Here is what i learned during my 6 months "praktikant plats" at Brukets Godaste, this paragraph you will read is the end part of a story i have witten about the last 2 years of my life since i moved to fengersfors, but that isnt really relevant to the bread .
As an impatient person, this learning process, has been invaluble for me, not just for the bread, but to realise that sometimes waiting is the best thing you can do .....

And im going to work everyday....
And this is where in fact the story starts,,,, and why i was compelled to write this down,,,, im learning as a sourdough baker, about the waiting time on the yeasting process
To get a good bread, you need to wait for the dough to rise , too little time, hurrying, in fact will give the bread an undercooked doughy texture, unpleasant to eat. Too much time and the dough will over yeast and will not rise, but remain flat and unattractive when it is baked. In fact with sourdough bread, the dough is weighed up and kneaded, put into forms, and left overnight , to “sleep on it” you might say.
A perfect loaf of bread needs attention and instinct in every part of the process, temperature of the room, the oven, season of the year,if the water is too cold and sourdough not yet active , if the dough is loose, or firm, everything must be taken into consideration, when flouring the forms that the bread will yeast up and then sleep in. And maybe most important of all, the person who is taking care of the bread has their own individual way of giving life and love to the bread.
After all these conditions have been taken into account, the breadmaker must wait, for the right time.  For the bread to yeast up to, but not over, the perfect moment
First there is the work,
Then, there is the wait,
And now the time is right..

And thats how the universe has shown me the true and correct way to wait.
And thats what slammed into my body yesterday, its so obvious, so simple and i feel awake at last .

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